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Speculation about an Iran-Egypt rapprochement

Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers [File photo]
Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers [File photo]

Iranian media has recently reported that a political convergence between Iran and Egypt is becoming more possible after nearly 40 years of estrangement.

According to the Iranian media some of the Iranian-Egyptian rapprochement indicators include an open Iranian proposal for rapprochement with Egypt and Cairo’s reduced representation at an international conference against Tehran despite Gulf states and Israel’s participation in the same conference.

Other indicators include Egypt’s condemnation of a recent attack that targeted an Iranian Revolutionary Guards force.

One researcher said Cairo uses Tehran to reduce international escalations towards it and expand.

On 11 February, the Iranian Interests Office in Cairo hosted a celebration for the first time in years to mark the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution. At the time, Iranian media reported that Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Tharwat attended the celebration.


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