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Turkish man sought after 3 killed in shooting in Netherlands

Police are looking for Gokmen Tanis, in connection with the a shooting in the central Dutch city of Utrecht, Netherlands on 18 March 2019 [Twitter]
Gokmen Tanis is captured on CCTV as police look for him following a shooting that took place in the central Dutch city of Utrecht, Netherlands on 18 March 2019 [Twitter]

Three people were killed today and nine others injured in a shooting in a tram in the central Dutch city of Utrecht, the mayor said, Dutch broadcaster NOS reported.

Police said they were looking for a 37-year-old man of Turkish origin identified as Gokmen Tanis.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said all efforts were focused on catching the “suspect or suspects” responsible for a shooting.

Rutte did not repeat earlier comments by counter-terrorism authorities who suggested the shooting may have a terrorist motive.

“Our country today has been jolted by an attack in Utrecht,” Rutte said in a statement. “Police and prosecutors are looking into what exactly happened. What’s known now is that there was shooting at people sitting in a tram in Utrecht, that there were wounded, and possibly deaths.”

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The attack was carried out at October 24 Square in the central city of Utrecht.

Dutch police had previously tweeted that the attack was being seen as having “a possible terrorist motive”.

The national coordinator for security and counter-terrorism (NCTV) also announced on Twitter that the threat level was raised to five, which is the highest level possible, for Uthrecht province until 6.00pm local time (1700 GMT).

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