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Fatah to Hamas: Last chance for reconciliation

Member of Fatah’s Central Committee Azzam Al-Ahmad [Mohammed Talatene/Apaimages]
Member of Fatah’s Central Committee Azzam Al-Ahmad [Mohammed Talatene/Apaimages]

Head of Fatah delegation to reconciliation talks Azzam Al-Ahmad arrived in Egypt yesterday and sent a message to Hamas indicating that this is the "last chance" for talks, Al-Watan Voice reported.

The core of the message revolves around demanding Hamas commit to the terms of the reconciliation deal reached in 2017 and concede power in Gaza.

Senior Fatah leader Abdullah Abdullah told Al-Watan Voice that President Mahmoud Abbas' message aims to end the internal division, which destroyed the Palestinian dream, noting that it is a call for Hamas to be cautious towards American and Israeli plans to undermine the Palestinian issue.

He also claimed that the Palestinian Authority (PA) government did not ask Hamas to handover its weapons or anything related to this, stressing that "the decision for the reconciliation should be taken from the country, not from abroad."

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Regarding the proposed long-term truce in Gaza, he said that this proves that there is no use to Hamas' arms. "If there is a long-term truce, what is the need for arms?" he asked. "So, Hamas has to reevaluate its stances regarding Fatah's demands," he added.

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