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Present Absentees: Karl Sabbagh

Panel: Regional & international perspectives

April 30, 2019 at 1:53 pm

Address by Karl Sabbagh at MEMO’s ‘Present Absentees: Palestinian Citizens of Israel & the Nation-State Law’ conference held in London on April 27, 2019.

Karl Sabbagh is a British-Palestinian writer, documentary maker and publisher with over 30 years’ experience. Born in the UK, Sabbagh graduated from King’s College, Cambridge, and has written numerous books on the topic of Palestine, including: ‘Palestine: A Personal History’, ‘The Antisemitism Wars’ and ‘A Modest Proposal’, a book about the one-state solution. His family lived in Safad and Deir Hanna until most of them were expelled in 1948.

PANEL: Regional & international perspectives

The Nation-State Law was condemned internationally, with the European Union (EU) claiming it would further prevent any possibility of the two-state solution becoming reality. In retaliation, Israel has shunned the EU, labelling it hypocritical, hostile and accusing it of interference in Israeli affairs. This cooling of EU-Israel relations has coincided with a decline in Jewish-American support for Israel, as left-wing advocacy groups and young Jewish-Americans have become disillusioned with and increasingly critical of Israel.