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PA continues to refuse reduced tax revenues from Israel

A spokesman for the Palestinian government Ibrahim Melhem said the government refuses to receive tax revenues collected on its behalf by Israel as long as Tel Aviv deducts sums allocated to the families of Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli jails and those killed by Israel.

"We will not eat or drink until the children of martyrs and wounded are full. Those who rob and steal the first time repeat it because they are used to theft. We know that the occupation is robbing our money," Melhem said.

Last year, Israel passed a law allowing it to confiscate nearly $11.3 million a month from tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.

In response to the Israeli decision, which came into force in February this year, the Palestinian government refused to receive the deducted tax revenues causing it to suffer a severe financial crisis.

Last week, the Israeli government transferred nearly six million shekels ($1.65 million) from the Palestinian tax revenues to the family of an Israeli soldier who was killed during the Second Intifada 16 years ago.

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