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Yemen threatens to act internationally to stop UAE support for separatists

The Yemeni government threatened, Wednesday, to take necessary measures following international law to ensure the suspension of the UAE's support for separatists, the so-called Southern Transitional Council, a day after Yemen's official accusation of Abu Dhabi before the UN Security Council of supporting the separatist insurgency in Aden.

A statement by Yemen's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed Al-Hadhrami said: "The government is taking action to take the necessary measures per international law and the UN Charter to ensure the suspension of the UAE's support for the Transitional Council, which has enabled the armed insurgency in Aden and Abyan."

Al-Hadhrami reiterated his appreciation of Saudi Arabia's call for dialogue between the Yemeni government and the separatist council. But he said that the government would participate in any discussion with the "Transitional Council" only when it complies with the demands of the coalition and withdraws.

Yemen's announcement of its intention to act against the UAE came a day after the government officially accused the UAE of supporting the armed separatist insurgency in Aden.

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Yemen's UN Permanent Representative, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Saadi, told the UN Security Council, Tuesday, that "without the full planning, execution and financial support of the UAE the military coup against the legitimate government in the city of Aden, would not have happened. We hold the UAE responsible for the repercussions of the armed insurgency."

Al-Saadi added that "the Yemeni government holds the Southern Transitional Council and those who support it responsible for the repercussions of this armed insurgency. It also calls on the United Arab Emirates to immediately stop supporting these rebel militias and abide by the coalition's objectives."

The UAE backed the so-called Transitional Council, whose forces seized Aden on 10 August. Yemen's deputy prime minister and interior minister, Ahmed Al-aysari, said in previous statements that 400 Emirati military vehicles had taken part in the coup.

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