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More than 10m drug users in Egypt, expert says

Heroin, 25 May 2018 [Find Rehab Centers/Flickr]
Heroin, 25 May 2018 [Find Rehab Centers/Flickr]

Director of Toxicology Centre at the Egyptian Kasr El Aini Hospital, Nabeel Abdul-Maqsoud, said yesterday that there are over 10 million drug users in Egypt, including three million addicts, Arabi21 reported.

Speaking to a local TV, Abdul-Maqsoud said that tramadol, heroin and Estrox are the most common types drugs among the Egyptian youths.

He stressed Estrox is the cheapest kind sold as it is mixed with herbs, warning that this is very dangerous and it could destroy the body’s nervous system.

Abdul-Maqsoud called for the Ministry of Health to add 16 components used in producing Estrox to the list of banned materials.

He stressed the importance of carrying out drug tests on school and university students in an effort to deter them.

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