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UK prince made 'unbelievable' racist comments against Arabs

UK’s Prince Andrew [Youtube]
UK’s Prince Andrew [Youtube]

The UK's Prince Andrew made "unbelievable" racist jokes about Arabs at a state banquet, ex-home secretary Jacqui Smith revealed yesterday.

The Duke of York allegedly left her and others "slack-jawed" when he made jokes involving "a comment about camels" at a state banquet for the Saudi royal family.

During a broadcast on LBC radio with presenter Iain Dale, Smith said: "I met him several times, including once at a state banquet, where after dinner, my husband and I and another Labour cabinet minister had a drink with him."

"I have to say the conversation left us slack-jawed with the things he felt it appropriate to say."

She continued: "I almost feel I can't say it; it was the state banquet for the Saudi royal family and he made racist comments about Arabs that were unbelievable."

Smith did not repeat the prince's comments, but went on to describe him as "not very bright".

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In response to the allegations, a palace spokesperson pointed out that the prince had Middle Eastern friends.

They said: "His Royal Highness has undertaken a considerable amount of work in the Middle East over a period of years and has many friends from the region. He does not tolerate racism in any form."

This comes after the prince's car crash interview on Saturday with presenter Emily Maitlis on BBC "Newsnight", in which he attempted to clarify his relationship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who faced charges of sex trafficking.

Prince Andrew stands accused of having sexual relations with then underage Virginia Guiffre (nee Roberts) three times. Allegations he denies.

According to Haaretz, paedophile Epstein held a multi-million-dollar business partnership with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, as recently as 2015.

Epstein allegedly committed suicide in New York's Metropolitan Correctional Centre on 9 August.

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