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Palestine is the cause of the free

The TV show 'Umm Haroun'
The TV show 'Umm Haroun' filmed in the UAE, 27 April 2020 [Hassan Hassan/Twitter]

They chose the holy month of Ramadan, the month of worship and growing closer to God, to distract them from their worship with a stream of provocative series and frivolous programs. This is a Zionist policy adopted since the launch of Arab satellite channels in the 1990s. Coronavirus has come to strengthen the pillars of that Zionist policy, taking advantage of the imposed curfew and quarantine to reveal the face of these Zionist regimes. Saudi Arabia's MBC network, which airs from Dubai, is showing shameless Zionist series after the two crown princes' love for Zionism became public after being hidden for many years.

The network is showing a series called "Umm Haroun", which sings the praises of a Jewish mother, compared to her Arab neighbours. It was only natural for the Twitter account, IsraelArabic, associated with the Israeli Foreign Ministry to praise the series and call for more works that shed light on the history of the distinguished relations between Arabs and Jews.

This series wasn't enough, so they presented another series calling for normalisation with the Zionist enemy in an unprecedented open manner, known as "Exit 7". The issue of normalisation is raised with offensiveness and in a misleading manner, as it goes beyond a country's desire for normalisation, but justifies it by attacking the Palestinian people with the harshest accusations that are difficult to air on an Arab or non-Arab channel unless on the orders of Bin Salman himself. This included a dialogue between a character and his Saudi father-in-law about who the real enemy is, Israel or Palestine?

The Zionist media and social media were quick to translate this scene into Hebrew, to show the extent of the Saudis' hatred for the Palestinians, and the new generation's willingness to play with Israel!

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The series found, at the time of coronavirus, people who justify it under the pretext of entertainment during the lockdown to encourage people to stay home. However, the truth is it is a golden opportunity for these Zionist regimes to transmit their Zionist toxins in the minds and conscience of the Arab masses to change the direction of the compass to point away from the historical enemy of the nation!

Who would have imagined that the Zionist enemy would be referred to as our brother and that the Zionist state would be seen as a friendly country while the Palestinians are seen as our enemies! All this is to promote this usurping state's seizure of the Palestinian land and to erase this fact from the minds of the Arab masses and the Arab conscience to promote the normalisation that these two Zionist-loving princes (Mohammad Bin Salman and Mohammed Bin Zayed) are rushing to achieve.

They want to spread their toxins into the minds of the Arab peoples and promote a great lie that the Israelis are our friends and that the Palestinians are our enemies and that it is imperative to establish friendly relations with Israel because it is the best and make business deals with it because it is the best.

The question now is: Why were the Palestinians pulled into the marriage ceremony with Israel? Why attack the Palestinians and incite against them for the sake of normalisation with the Zionist enemy?

These two princes, Bin Salman and Bin Zayed, know very well the extent of the Arab citizen's attachment to Palestine and its place in their hearts that no one can contest. They also know that Palestine is their top cause and therefore they wanted to destabilise this relationship and remove it from the people's hearts so that they could continue their wedding with Israel without disturbance or objections from the Arab people who categorically reject this forbidden marriage.

It is through this drama that they are carrying out the process of brainwashing the Arabs, in order to change their political and ideological stance towards Palestine and the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The Ramadan dramas this year are purely Zionist dramas that promote normalisation not only at the level of governments, but also at the grassroots level. They want to establish in the minds of the Arab citizens the equation of what have we benefited from our support for the Palestinian cause in exchange for our hostility with Israel?

It is an unprecedented equation, for no one has, in the past 70 years, justified allying with the Zionist entity on the basis that the Palestinians are our enemies and that we have not benefited anything from it. Instead, they would justify it based on public interest or for the sake of the Palestinians themselves and their cause in order to have direct dialogue with Israel and search for a just solution to the issue. This is how Egypt justified it after the Camp David agreement and Jordan after the Wadi Araba agreement.

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This drama is also suspicious because it coincided with the Saudi and Emirati electronic flies' systematic campaign on social media networks, which included a direct attack on Palestinians and downplaying the importance of the Palestinian issue and the erasure of Jerusalem from the Arab memory by launching the hashtag "Palestine is not my cause".

Yes, Palestine was never their cause and they were never caught quietly defending it. The cause was not victorious because of them for it to die without them. Instead, the conspiracies have always focused on plotting against it, involving it in the "deal of the century" and presenting themselves as a cover to accept the elimination of the cause for them to remain on their thrones, which rely on Israel's satisfaction with them. You and those who support you will lose.

Palestine will remain alive in the hearts of the Arab peoples and your conspiracies to kill awareness of it will fail. The Palestinian cause will remain the nation's top cause and the cause of all of the free people in the world because it is a just cause. Palestine, the nation's crown jewel, will return to the embrace of the Arabs and the usurper occupation state, along with your shaky thrones, will be eliminated sooner or later. As for your traitors, rushing to normalisation, you'll end up in the dustbin of history.

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