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Egypt: 6 killed in fight over land lot

Egyptian Flag
Egyptian flags [File photo]

An armed fight between members of the same extended family in the Egyptian province of Fayoum resulted in the death of six people and injury of 35 others.

Members of the Nabawi family in the village of Agamiyeen in Fayoum had a fierce fight over the borders between plots of land.

Those injured are receiving treatment in the Fayoum Hospital.

News of family feuds have been making the headlines in larger numbers of late in Egypt.

In early July, an Egyptian man was detained after he was found to have locked his sister in a house for 22 years.

Egypt Independent reported the man’s wife saying that Fadia had been locked up to stop her from running away. However, the Rassd news site said Fadia had been detained as a result of a dispute over money she was owed for her share of the family home.

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