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Sources: Delta Hellas oil tanker loading crude at Libya's Hariga terminal

A picture taken on May 28, 2015 in the eastern port city of Misrata shows the oil tanker Anwar Afriqya moored at the harbour for maintenance, four days after it was hit by an air strike of the forces loyal to Libya's internationally recognised government off the coast near the city of Sirte. The vessel, transporting a light load of fuel from Greece, was hit while delivering its cargo to a power plant run by the rival administration. AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD TURKIA (Photo credit should read MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP via Getty Images)
A picture taken on May 28, 2015 in the eastern port city of Misrata [MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP via Getty Images]

The Delta Hellas oil tanker is currently loading its crude cargo from storage tanks at Libya’s Hariga oil terminal, according to a shipping source and an engineer at the port, Reuters reports.

The tanker, chartered by the trading arm of China’s Sinopec , Unipec, has the capacity to load 1 million barrels of crude.

A second tanker, the Marlin Shikoku, also chartered by Unipec, is expected to dock at the port this evening, the two sources said.

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Hariga, where Mesla and Sarir crude grades load, is one of three terminals recently reopened by the country’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) following an eight-month blockade by eastern forces.

At the Zueitina terminal, a cargo of Bu Attifel crude is expected to load between Sept. 27 and Sept. 29, but the owner of the shipment is not yet confirmed, according to ship brokers and traders.

There are no known fixtures expected at the Brega terminal, the shipping source said.

NOC expects the OPEC member’s oil production to rebound to 260,000 barrels per day next week.

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