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Kuwait school book shows Israel on map in place of Palestine

Palestinian man with a map of Palestine in Gaza city, 20 June 2013 [Mohammed Asad/Apaimages]
A Palestinian man with a map of Palestine in Gaza city, 20 June 2013 [Mohammed Asad/Apaimages]

A picture from a school book from Kuwait has circulated on social media purportedly showing a map of the Middle East in which Palestine has been replaced with Israel sparking controversy.

Activists on social media circulated the picture of a book from the fifth grade curriculum of an international school in the Gulf state.

The school pointed out that the teacher added the map that she took from a website to the curriculum without informing the administration.

Activists noted that some students complained to the school administration regarding the matter, prompting parents to discuss the incident on social media platforms.

Activists stated that the school administration sacked the teacher in question.

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"We would like to point out that we are conducting thorough evaluations of our curricula, and we cancel everything that might prejudice our religious and national principles," the school administration conveyed.

The administration added: "Al-Ibdaa Academy is eager to emphasise the values ​​and ideals on which it was established, which are based on providing the best global educational systems, within a value framework that contributes to building the personalities of our students in a balanced manner in all respects, especially with regard to the belief in the justice of the nation's issues, the most importantly the Palestinian cause."

UPDATE: On 15 December 2020 at 14.48 (GMT) this article was changed to correctly show that it was Kuwait not Oman where the map with Israel appeared

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