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Egypt navy receives first locally-built frigate in collaboration with France

Port Said Gowind-Class Frigate
Port Said Gowind-Class Frigate [see.news]

The Egyptian Navy has received an Egyptian-made, Gowind-class frigate to join its fleet, the army said in a statement yesterday.

Made in Egypt in collaboration with France, the frigate is named after the city of Port Said, which was central to the 1956 events of the Suez Crisis and is celebrated in Egypt as a symbol of resistance.

The frigate was built by the Alexandria Shipyard Company in northern Egypt, and it is considered "one of the most important marine pieces built by Egyptian hands, in collaboration with the French Naval Group, according to the Egyptian military's statement.

Last December the Egyptian army announced that it had received the first of two Italian frigates as part of a deal worth $1.2 billion. The two Italian pieces are Bergamini-class FREMM frigates.

In the past six years, Egypt signed several deals to purchase arms and military equipment from France, Russia, Italy, and the United States.

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