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IUMS leader praises Biden’s speech on rejection of racism, ethnic discrimination

January 23, 2021 at 11:10 am

US President Joe Biden in Wilmington, Delaware, on 19 November 2020. [JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images]

Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) Ali Al-Qaradaghi on Friday praised President Joe Biden’s speech, which featured the rejection of racism and racial discrimination.

This came in a post published by Al-Qaradaghi on Facebook, in which he congratulated Biden and called for: “Making utmost efforts and contributions to overcome the unfairness of mankind, and achieve justice, freedom, dignity and human rights.”

Al-Qaradaghi also urged Biden to assist the poor amid the coronavirus pandemic, stressing that everyone should provide the needy with vaccines and medicines without discrimination.

He highlighted the importance of: “Collective sincere efforts to eliminate terrorism, whether exerted by tyrannical regimes or occupiers, or extremist groups inside at home or abroad, by eliminating all its causes and confronting it with moderate thinking through shared religious values and principles emphasising that people are of one common origin.”

The IUMS leader expressed his hope that: “The culture of respecting all religions prevails, without attempting to disrespect any religious belief and eliminating Islamophobia, which is a true extension of all monotheist religions.”

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He added: “Therefore, we hope that the necessary efforts will be made to study this religion in accordance with its doctrines and just jurisprudence, to achieve world peace, peaceful coexistence and security.”

Al-Qaradaghi concluded his statement by addressing Biden and conveying his hope that: “Justice, security and safety will prevail worldwide, asking God will help you achieve justice and positive cooperation with those who want good for humanity so that peace, justice, prosperity and justice will triumph.”

On Wednesday, Biden’s inauguration as president of the US was widely welcomed by world leaders and governments, who hoped for more stability and reform to address some of the crises generated by the policies of his Republican predecessor Donald Trump.