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Tunisia: Tunisair to strike from Friday

A Tunisair plane park on a tarmac at Tunis-Carthage International in Tunis ON 15, 2015 [AFP PHOTO / FETHI BELAID / Getty]
A Tunisair plane park on a tarmac at Tunis-Carthage International in Tunis ON 15, 2015 [AFP PHOTO / FETHI BELAID / Getty]

The General Transport Union, affiliated with the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), has announced that the employees of the national airlines Tunisair will enter an open general strike in all airports starting from Friday to protest deteriorating conditions.

The union disclosed in a statement posted on its Facebook page that it is: "Following up the recent events that took place in Tunisair and the resulting tension in the institution."

The union considered that the tension: "Resulted from the ambiguous the positions of the supervisory authority and the public administration in the company. Therefore, after consulting with our union structures, the General Transport Union calls on all employees and cadres operating in Tunisair, in all domestic airports and the Tunis Carthage airport, to enter an open strike starting from midday Friday."

The union confirmed that the strike intends to: "Defend the sustainability of Tunisair as a public institution, and ensure that all employees receive their allowances."

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Regional General Secretary of the UGTT in Ariana Mohamed Chebbi announced on Thursday: "All activities in Tunisair will be completely suspended at the beginning of Friday, and the unloading and shipment services of other airlines will stop as well."

In statements to the official news agency, Chebbi stated: "This open strike will lead to a complete cessation of air transport activity in Tunisia."

Kahena Mamlouk, general director of TAV, which operates in the international airports of Enfidha and Monastir, revealed to Mosaique FM that Tunisair owes the company about €20 million (approximately 70 million Tunisian dinars)."

Mamlouk explained in a statement that this debt has been accumulating since 2015, indicating: "TAV Tunisia has tried to find solutions throughout the past years by providing facilities and signing agreements to reschedule the debts, but Tunisair was able to only pay an amount of 900,000 Tunisian dinars in May 2019."

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