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Algeria recovers $0.5m from house of fake presidential adviser

Algerian Dinar banknotes [PHILIPPE MERLE/AFP via Getty Images]
Algerian Dinar banknotes [PHILIPPE MERLE/AFP via Getty Images]

Security services in Algeria found billions in the possession of Ayoub Belkacemi, who faked being an adviser to the President of the Republic when they raided his home, the Ennahar newspaper reported.

Security sources said approximately $0.5 million was found in Belkacemi's possession. Authorities believe he tricked several governors and ministers into the part with the cash in exchange for mediating on their behalf as a result of the position he claimed to hold.

The sources added that the money was recovered pending the completion of the ongoing investigations with Belkacemi who is currently detained in Qlaiaa prison. He has been charged with impersonation and holding a public office illegally, in addition to forgery and using forged documents. Leaked photos show the accused accompanied by several ministers, including the former Minister of Industry, Ferhat Ait Ali, and Minister Agriculture and Rural Development, Sherif Ammari.

The public prosecutor has called on all those who have fallen victim to the scam to come forward to file an official complaint or provide testimony, sources said, adding that officials who are believed to have come into contact with Belkacemi will be summoned for questioning.

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