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Bus and truck collide in Upper Egypt killing 20

Bus and truck collide in Upper Egypt killing 20 [@africabnn/Twitter]
Bus and truck collide in Upper Egypt killing 20 [@africabnn/Twitter]

A bus which overturned whilst overtaking a truck in Upper Egypt has killed 20 people and injured three.

The accident last night took place on a motorway in Assiut, Upper Egypt, 320 kilometres south of Cairo.

As they collided, both vehicles burst into flames.

Photos released by Assiut's Govorner Essam Saad showed the burnt-out bus and rescue teams searching for survivors.

Around 12,000 Egyptians die every year from traffic accidents caused by speeding, bad roads, or poor traffic laws.

Seatbelt and helmet wearing, speed, and blood alcohol concentration are poorly enforced.

Traffic flow in Egypt has been described by the WHO as "chaotic, with trucks, pedestrians, two-wheelers, buses and motor vehicles all sharing the same space."

"In addition, there is poor infrastructure, particularly for vulnerable road users."

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The bus accident happened as Egypt is still coming to terms with a train crash in Sohag, Upper Egypt, last month which killed 20 and injured 185.

It shone a spotlight on General turned President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's failure to prevent lethal accidents, which have soared under his rule, and his failure to hold senior officials accountable.

In 2020 the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics said there were more than 10,000 train accidents between 2013 and 2019.

Egypt's railways are dilapidated and in desperate need of restoration. Hundreds of Egyptians have died over recent months in accidents observers say could be largely avoided if money was spent restoring the tracks.

In August 2017 Al-Sisi said: "Instead of paying EGP 10 billion to develop the railway, I prefer to deposit this amount in the bank where I will get 10 per cent benefit annually which will increase what I have by EGP 1 billion."

According to the World Bank, Egypt needs to spend around $10 billion on railway reforms.

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