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Houthis to prosecute Yemen model for ‘violating Islamic dress codes’

Iranian-backed Houthis are looking to prosecute Yemeni model Entisar Hammadi for violating traditional Islamic dress codes

April 15, 2021 at 4:49 pm

Yemen’s Houthi group will launch a criminal investigation against kidnapped Yemeni model Entesar Al-Hammadi, the model’s lawyer Khaled Mohammed Al-Kamal said yesterday.

Al-Hammadi was kidnapped by the Iran-backed Houthi militia on 12 April, and they are now looking to prosecute her for ‘violating traditional Islamic dress codes’.

The 20-year-old was on her way to a film set when she was arrested without a warrant, according to her lawyer,Telegraph World News reports via Twitter.

According to New York based human rights activist Irina Tsukerman, the Houthis have been intimidating families of disappeared people in an effort to stop them reporting the kidnappings and to maintain their silence.

Hague based human rights organisation Gender Concerns International has started an online campaign to free the model.

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