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Qatar wants to fight against climate change by expanding its fish farming sector

A fish farm [James MacDonald/Bloomberg via Getty Images]
A fish farm [James MacDonald/Bloomberg via Getty Images]

Qatar plans to expand fish farming to meet the growing demand for fresh fish in its local market and maintain stocks in offshore Gulf waters in the face of devastating climate change.

According to a Reuters' report, fish farm production is expected to prevent the depletion of fish stocks in offshore waters, where access is regulated by Qatari authorities.

Although fish in the Gulf have generally adapted to higher water temperatures, the frequency and scope of coral reef bleaching in recent years suggests the region is at real risk of losing its bio-diverse ecosystem in the coming decades, said Research Assistant Professor at Qatar University Pedro Range.

According to Greenpeace, global warming coupled with overfishing could cause a 30 per cent decline in future fish catch potential in Qatari waters by the end of the century.

The Gulf state launched a new food security programme in 2018 in response to such predictions. In 2020, Qatar produced 15,087 tonnes of fish as part of this initiative.

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