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Hamas: 'We urge everyone to engage in open confrontation with the enemy'

May 15, 2021 at 11:04 am

Smoke rises after an Israeli bombing run over the Ansar Government Complex building in Gaza City, Gaza on May 14, 2021 [Ali Jadallah / Anadolu Agency]

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas on Friday praised the popular demonstrations that took place last night in the West Bank cities in solidarity with the Gaza Strip and occupied Jerusalem.

In a statement to Anadolu Agency, the movement’s spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum hailed: “The heroic and courageous stances of the masses in the towns and villages of the West Bank and the occupied Palestinian interior.”

Barhoum affirmed that the Palestinian people’s stance: “Confirms the unity of blood and destiny, and the great cohesion between all our people throughout the homeland in rejection of the criminal Zionist policies to which Gaza, Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa are exposed.”

He considered this to be a message expressing that: “The time of Zionist hegemony over Jerusalem, Gaza and anywhere in Palestine is over.”

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The Hamas official added that all Palestinians have an obligation to actively engage in an open confrontation with the Zionist enemy, especially in light of the critical circumstances facing the Palestinian cause in general, and in particular, Jerusalem and Gaza.

“We bet on our people in the West Bank to win all the battles with the enemy,” he asserted, while describing the West Bank as a “strategic reserve for the resistance”.

Last night, spontaneous popular protests took place in several West Bank cities in solidarity with Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Gaza Strip, which has been under heavy Israeli bombardment since last Monday.