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Moroccans refuse to rent property to Israel liaison officer in Rabat

Image of Israel's ambassador in Cairo, David Govrin [YouTube]
Israel’s ambassador to Morocco, David Govrin, 24 March 2017 [YouTube]

A number of Moroccans in the capital, Rabat, have refused to rent their properties to Israel's Chargé d'Affaires, David Govrin, forcing him to stay in a hotel since his appointment to the country, Anadolu reported.

Moroccan Assahifa website said the company charged with renting a residence for Govrin had found an appropriate place for him in a residential complex in the prestigious Zaer Road area in Rabat, but the apartment owners categorically refused to rent it to the Israeli diplomat as soon as they discovered his identity.

According to the same source, owners of other residential apartments in the same area also refused to lease their properties to Govrin, preferring to distance themselves from the controversy and the expected security pressures on the neighbours if they agreed to lease to him.

Last January, Israel appointed the former ambassador to Cairo, Govrin, as its chargé d'affaires in Morocco after 20 years of severed ties between the two countries.

Rabat agreed to re-establish ties with the occupation state in return for the US' recognition of its sovereignty over the Western Sahara.

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