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Ex-Israel PM: Peace deals with Arab states got Israel out of land-for-peace equation

June 15, 2021 at 10:14 am

Benjamin Netanyahu on April 13, 2021 [DEBBIE HILL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images]

Outgoing Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, praised the normalisation agreements his government signed with Arab countries, starting with the UAE and Bahrain.

Netanyahu’s statements came before the Knesset special session held on Sunday to give confidence in the new government. “[The] Abraham Accords enabled us to get out of the equation of land for peace to peace for peace, and we did not give up a span,” Netanyahu said in reference to the peace deals signed with Arab states.

“We fought with determination against Iran’s attempt to acquire a nuclear weapon, and we also concluded historic peace agreements with the UAEBahrainSudan, and Morocco,” he added.

On Sunday, Israel’s parliament voted 60-59 in favour of a new government on Sunday, ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year consecutive tenure as premier.

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