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Tunisia: Ghannouchi not under house arrest

Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rashid Al Ghannouchi attends the 4th congress of Nahda movement student branches at Tunisia University in Tunis, Tunisia on 18 January 2020. [Yassine Gaidi - Anadolu Agency]
Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rashid Al Ghannouchi in Tunis, Tunisia on 18 January 2020 [Yassine Gaidi/ Anadolu Agency]

Parliament Speaker and leader of Ennahda Movement, Rached Ghannouchi's adviser has denied social media reports that he had been placed under house arrest.

Social media users had reported that informed sources had said that authorities had placed Ghannouchi under house arrest.

Lawyer Mohamed Ali Abbas wrote on Twitter: "Reports that the National Security Forces have surrounded the residence of the head of the Ennahda Party, Rached Ghannouchi, after the dangerous statements he made to the foreign media, accusing the President of the Republic of carrying out a coup, while intentionally inciting Tunisians to confront each other, which constitutes a crime according to Chapter 72 of the Penal Code."

Ali added that Ghannouchi may be prosecuted in accordance with Chapter 163 of the Electoral Law and Chapter 30 of the Decree Regulating Political Parties after it was proven that Ennahda obtained foreign funds, which was confirmed by the Central Bank Governor Marwan El-Abbasi after his meeting with President Kais Saied on Sunday.

However, Riadh Chouaibi, Ghannouchi's political adviser, denied these rumours, writing on Facebook that "the rumours about imposing house arrest on Mr. Rached Ghannouchi are wrong."

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