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Egypt deports 8 Eritreans for entering the country ‘illegally’

November 2, 2021 at 11:35 am

Egyptian police, 31 March 2017 [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]

Egyptian authorities have deported eight Eritreans who hail from the same family back to Asmara, according to Refugee Platform.

A source told Mada Masr that one of the eight people called him at 10.30 pm from the plane to say that they would be deported to Eritrea in ten minutes.

They had been detained in Qusayr Police Station in the Red Sea Governorate since October 2019 after entering the country. They were later forced to sign travel documents to Eritrea.

Also detained with them were ten other Eritreans who are also set to be deported to Asmara.

All 18 Eritreans were denied contact with UNHCR and were not allowed to register with the UN agency.

News of the deportation comes shortly after the Egyptian president tried to convince the V4 summit that he treats refugees as guests, who “learn in our schools and are treated in our hospitals.”

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According to Madr Masr there are roughly 300 Eritrean migrants detained across Egypt for entering the country “illegally” and who are at risk of imminent deportation.

Eritreans are one of the most common nationalities to attempt to reach Europe due to human rights abuses in the country that are unchecked as rights monitors are not granted access.

The Eritrean government conscripts Eritreans into the military and civil service for little money and for indefinite terms. Conscripts are tortured, abused and the women subject to sexual violence.

In 2016 a United Nations Commission of Inquiry found that the conditions of national service in Eritrea equate to the crime of enslavement.

Many are detained without trial, there is no independent media or elections.

Egypt and Eritrea are historical allies and have met several times over recent years to strengthen ties in the field of agriculture, trade, culture and education.