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Muslim Brotherhood scholars call to support Deputy Supreme Guide Mounir

December 4, 2021 at 1:22 pm

The late deputy general guide of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Ibrahim Mounir

The Scholars Committee of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood on Friday called to support the Deputy Supreme Guide of the group Ibrahim Mounir, Arabi21 reported.

In a statement, the Scholars Committee reiterated the importance of: “Cooperation with Mounir, who is the acting supreme guide, in order to peacefully overcome the current crises.”

The Scholars Committee also stressed the “inevitable necessity of unity” to be able to “face off the people who adopt destructive projects.”

According to Arabi21, the Muslim Brotherhood is facing a big crisis as a number of senior leaders have rejected the results of the internal elections maintaining Mounir’s position as deputy supreme guide. Consequently, these leaders were fired.

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“We have been following up closely on the crisis,” the Scholars Committee confirmed. “We have been waiting for the crisis to be resolved and a reconciliation to be reached as the current situation does not bear fragmentation and differences.”

The Scholars Committee stated: “Under the umbrella of the Brotherhood, we can discuss and study everything, resolve our difference and take the best decisions that achieve the interests of the group and the ummah.”

Meanwhile, the Scholars Committee reaffirmed the significance of: “Mandatory Shura, commitment to its outcomes, accepting the leadership of the good and giving up positions to the elected people.”

The committee also urged to: Exclude opportunists, as well as to seek unity of the group and reject marginalisation.”

The committee stressed that there have been no reasons for the Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders to annul allegiance to Mounir.

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