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A new online platform for Arabs launches in the UK

Logo of Al-Arab in the UK [Al-Arab in the UK]

On Saturday, 1st January, in the British capital, London, following two months of trialling, a new online platform will be launched under the name 'Al-Arab in UK' to gather everything related to the Arab community in Britain under one virtual roof. The platform provides news and service content for the benefit of Arab communities in Britain, in addition to their various activities.

Adnan Hmidan, Editor-in-Chief of the 'Al-Arab in UK', referred to the project's goal, which is based on providing an Arab platform in Britain that speaks with the conscience of the Arab citizens residing here, or wishing to move to live here, meeting their needs and desires, and improving their connection with the Arab community. In terms of activities, events, services and news, it is also focused on all the educational, social and cultural challenges that they face with their children; The 'Al-Arab in UK' platform is for Arabs in Britain and, as Hmidan says, it is not restricted to any one, and every Arab citizen residing in Britain can be an editor of its news and a publisher of their articles in it, far from controversial issues or political disputes that the community faces.

Meanwhile, Salah Abdullah (24 years), Managing Editor of the 'Al-Arab in UK' platform, pointed to the preference of the youth element as the working group, and it is gathering Arab youth who have grown up in Britain since their childhood and youth brought over by the conditions of immigration and asylum and, accordingly, they would reflect the reality of Arab youth in Britain in every detail. He stressed that the presence of the youth component, along with those who have experience in the media field, gives the platform a diverse mix that will be in the interest of the work.

The team at Al-Arab in UK [left to right]: Salah Abdallah, Ola Elbayouk, Marwa Knifeed and Adnan Hmidan

The team at Al-Arab in UK [left to right]: Salah Abdallah, Ola Elbayouk, Marwa Knifeed and Adnan Hmidan [images provided]

Marwa Knifeed, a correspondent for 'Al-Arab in UK' in Sheffield, north England, said, "This project helped me realise my dream of applying what I studied in the media within the Arab community, in general, and the Syrian refugee community in Britain, in particular, to highlight the qualitative addition that the presence of these immigrants formed in Britain, and that many of them have become productive and independent, and no longer need the cheap subsidies provided by the State."

The correspondent of 'Al-Arab in UK' in Brighton, Ola Elbayouk, expressed her delight with the platform, which makes provision both in English and Arabic, for Arabs in Britain and those interested in their stories and issues. She continued, "I started thinking about how much I owe this city, as it has given me many rights, and continues to do so."

It must also be noted that the platform is available on social media, in addition to providing content in both languages on its official website.

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