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Jordan: Thousands march in support of Palestine

April 2, 2022 at 12:13 pm

Hundreds of Jordanians gather during a demonstration in solidarity with Palestinians in Amman, Jordan. [Laith Al-jnaidi/Anadolu Agency]

Thousands of protesters in Jordan marched on Friday in Amman, chanting slogans in support of the Palestinian resistance and rejecting Arab normalisation with Israel, Anadolu Agency reported.

Jordanians gathered in front of the Grand Husseini Mosque in central Amman following Friday prayer, while Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Murad Adayleh and former Islamic MP Ali Abul Sukkar headed the march.

The participants chanted in support of the Palestinian resistance and called for the continuation of Palestinian action against the Israeli occupation.

“With Soul and Blood, we sacrifice for Al-Aqsa Mosque,” protesters chanted. They also chanted for Jordan, the Palestinian resistance and against the Israeli occupation.

Protesters also called for Amman to expel the Israeli ambassador and expressed their rejection of the peace treaty signed between Jordan and Israel in 1994.

Adayleh expressed: “This march rejects the normalisation of ties between Israel and the Arab nations that want to consider this entity (Israel) as a normal country.”

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He stressed that the Israeli occupation: “Is an illegal entity that cannot be accepted by the Arab people, who believe that the Zionist entity would not be able to protect itself from them.”

Adayleh stated: “Today, the Palestinian resistance deters this enemy and destabilises it, while the normalisation deals are a stab in the back of the Palestinian people.”

The march came following two summits held between Israelis and Arabs in Sharm Al-Sheikh and the Negev, where Jordan was absent despite having a peace treaty with Israel.

Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz and President Isaac Herzog visited Jordan and met with senior officials, including King Abdullah II.

The two summits and the meeting with the Jordanian officials aimed to reduce tension during the holy month of Ramadan.