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Hamas praises Iraqi parliament's plan to criminalise normalisation with Israel

Iraqi bill banning normalisation with Israel goes to parliament

May 12, 2022 at 12:09 pm

Hamas praised the Iraqi parliament’s plans to hold a first reading of a law criminalising normalisation with Israel in its first reading yesterday.

In a statement received by Quds Press, Hamas said: “The decision expresses the authenticity of the Iraqi people and their well-known positions throughout history in support of the Palestinian people and their just national cause.”

The movement welcomed all positions rejecting “the normalisation of relations with our nation’s common enemy, which threatens its security, stability and capabilities.”

It called on “all parliaments in the Arab and Islamic world to follow this honourable measure and to pass similar laws prohibiting all forms of normalisation with the usurping Zionist entity.”

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Iraqi parliament held a session to discuss a proposal for a law prohibiting normalisation with the Israeli occupation state.

Iraq does not have any relations with Israel and the government and most political forces refuse to normalise with it.

JordanEgypt and the UAE have diplomatic relations with the occupation state, as well as SudanBahrain and Morocco.

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