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Morocco calls on anti-Daesh coalition to focus on Africa

Flag of Morocco [Kristin Harvey/Flickr]
Flag of Morocco, 8 May 2019 [Kristin Harvey/Flickr]

Morocco yesterday called on the international coalition fighting against the Islamic State militant group to pay more attention to Africa given the rise in terrorist threats on the continent.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Nasser Bourita, made the remarks during the closing press conference of the Ministerial Meeting of the Global Coalition to defeat Daesh held with US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland in Marrakesh.

Bourita said there are 27 entities stationed in Africa that are considered "terrorist groups according to United Nations regulations", pointing out that "there is an important development in the tactics used by terrorist groups, as they have increased the frequency of using drones, and cryptocurrencies in financing" their activities.

There is also rapprochement between separatist groups and terrorism, as each one feeds the other, he warned.

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"Terrorism affects development and political stability in Africa," he added.

Some 73 countries and entities including Turkey, the European Union, the Arab League, Interpol and NATO joined the ministerial meeting.

Nuland said the large number of participants sends a strong message of the will to defeat Daesh, adding that the coalition has focused on supporting both Iraq and Syria.

The anti-Daesh coalition was established in September 2014, 85 countries and international organisations joined the body with the aim of eliminating the militant group in Iraq and Syria.

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