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Iraq orders arrest of Sadrist Movement leader for threatening the judiciary

August 24, 2022 at 3:03 pm

Supporters of Sadrist Movement holding banners march towards the Green Zone during a protest against the nomination of Mohammed al-Sudani as a new prime minister by Coalition of Shia parties close to Iran on July 27, 2022, in Baghdad, Iraq [Murtadha Al-Sudani – Anadolu Agency]

An Iraqi court yesterday issued an arrest warrant against a leader in the Sadrist Movement on charges relating to threatening the judiciary.

The Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq said in a statement today that the Karkh First Inquiry Court in Baghdad issued an arrest warrant against Sabah Al-Saedi for the crime of threatening the judiciary.

Al-Saedi, who is a prominent leader in the Sadrist Movement, published tweets yesterday in which he criticised the Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq, claiming that it “deals with the rebellious people and parties of corruption in the same way.”

The court had started the procedures of collecting evidence on what it described as a crime of threatening the Federal Court.

The Supreme Judicial Council of Iraq yesterday suspended its operations and those of the Federal Court, in protest against the sit-in carried out outside its headquarters by members of the Sadrist Movement, saying that it had received threatening messages by phone.

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