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Tunisia sugar crisis halts factory production

August 27, 2022 at 11:26 am

Egyptians buy sugar from a truck in the capital Cairo on October 26, 2016 [ KHALED DESOUKI/AFP via Getty Images]

A Tunisian trade unionist confirmed on Friday that a country-wide sugar crisis has disrupted the work and production of several factories, including two Coca-Cola factories.

This came in statements to Anadolu Agency by Imad Al-Bahi, head of the Regional Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts in the Ben Arous Governorate.
“The sugar crisis is a national problem for the time being, and the matter does not concern only the governorates of Beja and Ben Arous. We waited to cover the shortage of this material by two local deals with the sugar factory in the governorate of Bizerte, but the factory did not fulfil its commitments,” Al-Bahi explained.

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He added: “Unfortunately, the sugar factory in Bizerte is the reason for the quick exacerbation of the crisis. Many factories have been affected by this shortage, including two factories of the Coca-Cola company and other factories producing biscuits and chocolate in the Ben Arous Governorate.”

Al-Bahi continued: “There are ongoing efforts to solve the crisis. We are waiting for the official authorities of the state to take action as soon as possible so that production returns to its previous levels.”
According to an official of the Beja Governorate: “The workers of the Coca-Cola factory organised a sit-in on Friday in front of the governorate headquarters to protest the decline in production and its suspension in a number of units, as well as the delay in disbursing their wages due to the sugar crisis.”

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Tunisia is suffering a severe shortage crisis of foodstuffs. There is a complete absence of staple foodstuffs on the market, such as oil, flour and coffee.