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Putin calls on Arab League summit to help establish multipolar world order

November 2, 2022 at 9:23 am

Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a speech in Moscow, Russia. [Kremlin Press Office – Anadolu Agency]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the states participating in the 31st Arab League Summit, which started in Algeria on Tuesday, to consider the necessity of establishing a “multipolar” world order. In a letter published by Russia Today, Putin said that the process of forming such an order in international relations is “gaining momentum”.

The Russian leader called for it to be based on respect for the legitimate interests of all states. In this context, he praised the important role of Arab countries in international politics. With a population of nearly half a billion people, said Putin, the Arab world plays an “increasingly important role” in international politics.

Last Thursday, he criticised the policies of Western countries and their constant push for global hegemony. In a video speech during the plenary session of the Valday Forum, he said that Western countries “seek to dominate the world and to govern all without caring about the interests of other countries.” He confirmed his belief that most countries currently “demand democracy, and do not accept the dictates imposed on them.”

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