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UN envoy to Libya warns against delaying elections further

UN diplomat Abdoulaye Bathily [wikipedia]
UN diplomat, Abdoulaye Bathily [wikipedia]

The new UN envoy for Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, warned on Tuesday that further delaying elections and prolonging the interim period would make the north African country more vulnerable to political, economic and security instability, putting it "at risk of partition".

In a briefing to the Security Council, Bathily said he had repeatedly reached out to members of the Presidential Council, the High Council of State and other key actors in the political, economic and security fields and reminded them that it is their moral and political responsibility to actively work towards returning the country to peace and stability through a Libyan-Libyan solution to the crisis.

He added that he had encouraged Libyan officials to engage in dialogue with each other inside Libya, which would send a clear message to the Libyans that they are serious about resolving their differences.

"It would also send a clear message to the international community that Libyans from all walks of life are ready to take their own future into their own hands," he added.

"While I welcome this plan as encouraging, holding the elections requires more sustained efforts across the board, by all actors and in all regions," he said.

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