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The history of medicine before colonisation: MEMO in conversation with Justin Stearns

Stearns talks about his research and work on 17th century Morocco

February 22, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Join us for a conversation with Justin Stearns as he tells us about his work on 17th century Morocco, the history of the natural sciences and medicine before colonisation and the state of archives in the Arab World.

Stearns received his BA in English and History from Dartmouth College in 1998, and a PhD in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University in 2007. He is Professor of Arab Crossroads Studies at New York University Abu Dhabi.  His research interests focus on the intersection of law, science and theology in the pre-modern Muslim Middle East. He has written a number of books including ‘Infectious Ideas: Contagion in Pre-Modern Islamic and Christian Thought in the Western Mediterranean’ and ‘Revealed Sciences: The Natural Sciences in Islam in Early Modern Morocco’.

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