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The Kuwait Criminal Court ruled a sheikh be imprisoned for 10 years

A Kuwait court in Kuwait City on 19 June 2017 [YASSER AL-ZAYYAT/AFP/Getty Images]
A Kuwait court in Kuwait City on 19 June 2017 [YASSER AL-ZAYYAT/AFP/Getty Images]

The royal businessman has been sentenced to ten years in jail for having cooperated with Jho Taek Low, proxy to the convicted ex-Malaysian PM, Najib Razak, in laundering hundreds of millions of ringgit looted from the Malaysian public, local media reports.

According to the report, RM2 billion/(KD 145 million) cited by the courts as remaining in the guilty man's bank account, although the judgement also confirms that Razak laundered over a billion dollars.

The Kuwaiti lawyer, Saud Abdelmohsan, involved in that transaction was also sentenced by the court to 7 years for his involvement in the crime.

'The Criminal Court ruled that a sheikh, his partner [Hamad Al Wazzan], and two expatriates [Jho Low and Bachar Kiwan] be imprisoned for 10 years, and a lawyer [Saud Abdelmohsan] for 7 years, obliging them to return one billion dollars and fine them jointly an amount of 145 million Kuwaiti dinars, equivalent to half a billion dollars, in the largest money laundering case known as the "Malaysian Fund". Kuwait media Alqabas reports.

'The Public Prosecution had reopened the file of the "Malaysian Fund" case, after a two-year hiatus, due to the failure to receive information from international parties, but the case was not filed, but rather frozen due to the lack of information during the previous period.

Investigations showed that nearly a billion dollars entered the account of a Kuwaiti person [Sheikh Sabah], and then it was re-transferred abroad,' the report added.

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