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Saudi Arabia executes young Shia man

May 3, 2023 at 2:03 pm

An execution is about to take place using the method of hanging [Patrick Feller/Flickr]

The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced yesterday that a death sentence against a young man from the Shia minority had been carried out, nearly seven years after his arrest.

The ministry said that it had carried out the death sentence against Manhal Al-Ribh, who was convicted of “joining a terrorist cell seeking corruption in the country”.

Al-Ribh was convicted of shooting at security vehicles with intent to kill and possessing weapons and ammunition with the aim of disturbing security.

He was also charged with hiding a wanted person and supporting his ideology, in an indirect reference to the Shia cleric Nimr Al-Nimr who was executed by Saudi authorities in 2016.

Al-Ribh is the 20th person to be executed by Saudi authorities this year.

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The European Saudi Organisation for Human Rights warned that the execution of Al-Ribh, who was not involved in the killing of any security personnel, contrary to what had been stated in the official statement, raises concerns about the implementation of more executions.

According to the organisation, there are 63 detainees, including nine minors, who face the death penalty.

Saudi Arabia had previously accused Shia detainees of being loyal to Iran and taking orders from it. There has been no change to their plight since the Saudi-Iranian reconciliation deal two months ago.