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Morocco woman continues search for missing husband after quake

September 11, 2023 at 2:43 pm

A heavy machinery clears the rubbles after a 7 magnitude earthquake in the Amizmiz town of Marrakesh, Morocco on September 10, 2023 [Said Echarif – Anadolu Agency]

Since the collapse of her home in the Moroccan town of Amizmiz, the epicentre of the massive earthquake that hit the country, Fatima has been on a restless journey searching for her missing husband under the rubble, Anadolu news agency reported.

The 49-year-old appears to know exactly where her husband is trapped and has been guiding rescue workers to the collapsed room where she believes him to be.

Yesterday morning, a bulldozer removed some of the collapsed rubble and the larger stones, while Fatima had been removing the small stones.

Residents of the town have been racing against time to rescue loved ones trapped under the rubble as time to get them out alive dwindles.

The earthquake has inflicted massive loss to infrastructure and homes in the town of Amizmiz, with locals and eyewitnesses saying the earthquake turned the town upside down.

Fatima has been sleeping outside, along with the locals, after they lost their homes and for fear of aftershocks.

At least 2,122 people were killed and 2,421 others injured when a magnitude-7 earthquake struck Morocco late Friday, according to the Interior Ministry.

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