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Pentagon says militia attacks against US military bases in Iraq, Syria subsided in recent days

November 28, 2023 at 8:14 pm

Military vehicles that the US military sent as a reinforcement in Deir ez-Zor province in Syria, on August 13, 2023 [Omer Al Diri/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images]

Attacks on American troops and bases in Iraq and Syria have subsided in recent days after a tense month of hostilities, the Pentagon has announced.

According to reporters who cited the Pentagon yesterday, the US military has not taken fire or spotted an attack drone sent by Iran-backed militias since 23 November, over a month after the attacks increased in mid-October.

US Air Force Brigadier-General, Pat Ryder, confirmed the lull in activity, with the Pentagon’s last count of attacks amounting to 73, resulting in over 60 injuries including a number of traumatic brain injuries. All troops returned to duty soon after their injuries were incurred, however.

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Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria have, for years, launched intermittent strikes against US military bases and their troops, attacks which intensify during points of increased tension between the US or its allies and their adversaries in the region.

These most recent rounds of hostilities seemingly took place in response to Israel’s bombardment and invasion of the Gaza Strip, where countless war crimes have been committed by Occupation forces over almost two months.

The lack of attacks over the past five days coincides with the temporary truce between Israel and the Palestinian Resistance group, Hamas, in which both sides agreed to release hostages and prisoners while restraining offensive measures.