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Bringing Israel to justice: MEMO in Conversation with Toby Cadman

Does Israel have a right to bomb hospitals in Gaza? And what are the implications of its actions in the besieged enclave? Should the international be doing more to protect Palestinians? These are just some of the questions international law specialist Toby Cadmans will help untangle.

December 6, 2023 at 4:00 pm



While Israel’s war on Gaza enters its third month, Palestinians in the besieged enclave have witnessed some of the worst atrocities in living memory. With over 15,000 Palestinians dead – the majority of whom are women and children – the question of will Israel be held to account is on everyone’s lips. The legal dimensions of Israeli aggression, which include possible war crimes, crimes against humanity and more are legal intricacies many of us don’t understand, join us as we speak to London-based barrister and renowned international law expert Toby Cadman who will help unpack these complex principles.

Toby sheds light on pressing issues from deciphering the threshold of evidence required for allegations of genocide to questioning the legitimacy of hospitals as military targets, our conversation navigates the complex web of international law. We explore the role of foreign governments in protecting civilians, Israel’s ICC status, potential barriers to ICC investigations and the broader legal avenues for holding perpetrators accountable.As we confront the legal battles intertwined with the Gaza conflict, Toby Cadman provides insights into the enforcement actions the International Criminal Court could take and the concept of universal jurisdiction.

Toby Cadman is an international law specialist in the field of international criminal and humanitarian law, international human rights law, extradition and mutual legal assistance, anti-corruption, whistleblower protection, business and human rights, international commercial law, arbitration and international climate justice law. Co-founder of the Guernica Group and Joint Head of Chambers at Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers, Toby also serves as Associate Counsel to the Guernica for International Justice.

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