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Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims responsibility for the attack on US Al-Tanf base

January 29, 2024 at 2:05 pm

President Joe Biden in Raleigh NC, United States on January 18, 2024 [Peter Zay – Anadolu Agency]

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq yesterday claimed responsibility for the attack on the American Al-Tanf base between Syria and Jordan, which resulted in the death of three American soldiers and wounded 25 others.

The Iraqi Islamic Resistance confirmed in its statement that “it will continue its attacks on the strongholds of the enemies in support of the Gaza Strip and in response to the Israeli massacres against the Strip for 114 days.”

The resistance added in its statement that it targeted four American bases, three of which are in Syria; namely the bases of Ash Shaddadi, Rukban, and Al-Tanf as well as the Zvulon naval facility in occupied Palestine.

US President Joe Biden announced that three American soldiers were killed and others were injured in a drone attack on American forces near the Syrian border.

The Jordanian government denied that the attack on the American base occurred within its territory, while the US Central Command announced earlier that three soldiers were killed and 25 others were injured in a drone attack that targeted a base in northeastern Jordan.

The Pentagon called the attack “a dangerous escalation.”

A White House official said the president was briefed on the attack by Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Principal Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer.

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