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Report: Israel failed to convince Morocco to play a role in Gaza war

February 14, 2024 at 9:39 am

People, carrying Palestinian flags, gather to stage a demonstration against Israeli attacks on Gaza and march towards Mohammed V Street, where the parliament building is located, in Rabat, Morocco on February 11, 2024 [Abu Adem Muhammed – Anadolu Agency]

Israel has reportedly failed to convince Morocco to play a role in the Gaza Strip, including mediating the release of Israeli prisoners of war held by Palestinian resistance factions there, the Hebrew Kan Reshet Bet radio station reported yesterday.

Israel sees Morocco as a “positive actor in the region”, the radio station said, and would like it to take up a prominent role regarding Gaza, including efforts to release Israeli captives; some of them Jews of Moroccan origins, as well as in the humanitarian aid issue and what Israel calls the ‘day after’ the war on the Gaza Strip.

Morocco restored its relations with Israel in 2020, and Israel views it as a “moderate” country that plays a positive role in the region.

The Israeli radio station has claimed that relations between the two countries have flourished on the political and security levels, as well as on the popular level

Israeli attempts to exploit the war on Gaza aim to strengthen some of its foreign relations, including with Morocco, by showing these countries that it is interested in them taking a role in what is happening there, according to the same source.

Since the beginning of the Israeli war on Gaza, Morocco has witnessed massive demonstrations against Israel and in solidarity with Gaza.

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