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Palestine This Week: Hamas, unbeatable?

Time and again since October 2023, Israel has declared areas of Gaza to have been cleared of Al-Qassam fighters, but the Palestinian resistance has reappeared and struck back. Many in Tel Aviv's military intelligence services have warned that destroying the resistance's capabilities is impossible and Israel cannot continue to seek such an outcome from its war on Gaza. Israel, however, insists that the bombs will continue to fall until the resistance is beaten, but can this happen?

June 4, 2024 at 6:00 pm

Israel’s military offensive in Gaza is failing. Israeli officials have acknowledged that Hamas has returned to large parts of northern Gaza, months after Tel Aviv claimed to have defeated it there. While the Israeli leadership has emphasised that Rafah is ‘Hamas’s last stronghold’, the return of Hamas to areas in the besieged Strip when Israel withdraws its forces and the failure to secure the release of hostages through its military assault means Israel is staring down the barrel of a lost war. In this episode of MEMO’s weekly review show, host Nasim Ahmed and guest Mouin Rabbani look at what this means for Palestinians in Gaza and the future of Israel’s bombing campaign. Rabbani also disentangles the confusing reports around the proposed ceasefire deal and dissects the shocking allegations levelled against the US State Department for falsifying reports to absolve Israel of blocking aid to Palestinians in Gaza.

Rabbani also unpacks the rise of extremist settler ideology in Israel and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the shocking details of Israel’s High Court ruling in favour of Jewish residents, displacing Palestinian families in Silwan. Join us as we explore the implications of Israel’s parliament moving to designate UNRWA as a ‘terrorist organisation’ and discuss the Guardian’s exposé of Israel’s decade-long war against the ICC through the intimidation of judges and politicians. You will not want to miss our new episode of MEMO’s weekly review show.

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