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UK: data is key for electoral change, says community group Palitics

June 25, 2024 at 7:43 pm

Data and knowledge are key to making the right decision in the 2024 UK election, community initiative Politics says

A community initiative called Palitics aims to empower voters in the UK with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions that can influence both local and global political landscapes. Data, it insists, is key for electoral change.

The organisation has been launched in advance of what it says is poised to be an unprecedented event in the UK: the 2024 General Election on 4 July. The name, of course, is a portmanteau of Palestine and Politics. It plans to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data to drive systemic change. In an era where information is power, Palitics seeks transform the electoral scene in Britain.

“The goal is to educate voters on the significance of their vote and how it can lead to transformative impacts,” explained the CEO of Palitics. “Similar mobilisation efforts were seen with the Civil Rights Movement in the US, and the Anti-Apartheid movement.”

Palitics believes that a similar strategy can be applied, but positively, for Palestine. It aims to bridge the disconnect between voters and their government. Despite 76 per cent of British citizens calling for a ceasefire in Gaza back in October 2023, both the government and the opposition ignored these calls, and continued to support Israel even as it engaged in genocide. “This highlights the need for strategic voting to ensure only candidates who align with ethical and humanitarian principles are elected,” said the official.

In the 1930s, Zionist organisations undertook a systematic effort to collect detailed information about Arab villages in Palestine. Known as the “Village Files”, these records played a pivotal role in the Zionist preparations for the establishment of Israel. “The lesson from this historical episode is that data enables meticulous planning, resource allocation and strategic prioritisation. Unfortunately, this lesson seems to have been overlooked by the Palestine solidarity movement which, despite its incredible heart and passion, often lacks strategic data utilisation.”

To achieve this, Palitics is democratising publicly available data, providing insights into how MPs voted on key issues related to Palestine, who is funded by pro-Israel lobby groups, and more. This empowers voters to make informed choices, ensuring that their votes contribute to a broader strategy for change.

The Conservative Party faces potential annihilation in the upcoming election, and Labour is on track to secure a record majority. A strong majority can lead to an “elective dictatorship,” believe the founders of Palitics, as history has shown.

“We saw with Tony Blair that a super-majority for any one party in Britain’s first-past-the-post system can lead to an ‘elective dictatorship,” the official said. “With a weak opposition, he was able to ignore public opinion and take us into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in which tens of thousands of innocent people were killed. Now, Keir Starmer is on track to surpass Blair’s majorities.”

Palitics seeks to counterbalance this potential outcome by identifying over 100 seats that can be taken from Labour, preventing the party from securing a super-majority. “This is crucial to maintaining a healthy democracy, where power is checked, and no single party can dominate without accountability.”

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