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Legal team reveals list of Egyptian officials to be prosecuted

January 30, 2014 at 3:08 am

Military and security officials Egyptian are on the list of names of people to be prosecuted by the international legal team investigating the July coup. The list has been passed to Arabi 21 news website as the team prepares cases under universal jurisdiction laws, which would curtail the ability of the suspects to travel beyond Egypt. Most hold positions in the coup-led government headed by Hazem Al-Beblawi.

According to Arabi 21, there is another list of public figures and journalists who are accused of inciting people to commit crimes. The new list will be issued as soon as investigations into their alleged crimes are completed.

The legal team has been commissioned by the Freedom and Justice Party, which was led by ousted President Mohamed Morsi. It is headed by former British Attorney General Lord Kenneth Macdonald with the aim of investigating claims that crimes against humanity were committed in Egypt. Any country which has signed up to universal jurisdiction legislation will be obliged to prosecute the accused regardless of where the crimes were committed.

The lawyers have focused their investigation on the massacres committed on August 14 in Rabaa Al-Adawiyya and Al-Nahda Squares, when hundreds, or possibly thousands, of protesters were killed by coup security forces.

The list of officials accused of committing crimes against humanity is as follows:

  1. Adly Mansour, Interim President of Egypt
  2. Hazem al-Beblawi, prime minister in the interim government
  3. General Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi, Defence Minister and coup leader
  4. General Sobhi Sedqi, Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Army
  5. General Mohamed Ibrahim, Interior Minister
  6. Ziad Baha Al-Din, Deputy Interim PM and Minister of International Cooperation
  7. Nabil Fahmi, Foreign Minister
  8. Hosam Isa, DeputyIinterim PM, Minister of Education
  9. Ahmed Jalal, Finance Minister
  10. Adel Abdul-Hamid, Justice Minister
  11. Dorriya Sharaf Al-Din, Information Minister
  12. General Mohamed Al-Tihami, chief of General Intelligence Services
  13. General Usama Al-Jondi, chief of Marine Forces
  14. General Younis Al-Masri, chief of Air Forces
  15. Abdul Min’em Altras, chief of Air Defence
  16. Mohsen Al-Shathli, chief of Operation Committee of the Armed Forces
  17. General Tawheed Tawfiq, chief of Central Military Compound
  18. General Sayed Shafiq, Deputy Interior Minister for General Security
  19. Hassan Al-Qadi, Deputy Interior Minister for Al-Jiza Security Department, resigned on August 26, 2013
  20. General Ashraf Abdullah, Deputy Interior Minister for Central Security
  21. General Usama Al-Sagheer, Deputy Interior Minister for Cairo Security Department
  22. General Ahmed Helmi, Deputy Interior Minister for General Security
  23. General Khalid Tharwat, chief of Nation Security Services