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Turkey will work to accomplish Goldstone report in the Security Council

January 31, 2014 at 1:45 pm

Erdogan: Turkey will work to accomplish debate of the Goldstone report in the Security Council

Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, announced that his country would work within the Security Council to accomplish a debate of the Goldstone report published last month. The report confirmed that the Israeli army had committed war crimes during its assault on the Gaza strip last year as a way of punishing its civilians.

Speaking before the conference of The Justice and Development Party [AKP] following his unanimous election to presidency of the party he stated that “the human tragedy in the Gaza Strip is ongoing” and explained that the parties which made commitments to the Gaza Strip at the Sharm El Sheikh conference have not delivered on those pledges.

He also pointed out that the reconstruction material which was promised has not been delivered to the Strip.

Erdogan criticized Western countries which support the Zionist vision of the Palestine Question saying: “It is impossible to find a solution to the Palestinian Question through the vision and demands of only one party.” He further emphasized the need to take into consideration the demands of the Palestinian people for security, freedom and peace.

The ruling party in Turkey re-elected Erdogan unanimously at its third annual assembly which was convened in Ankara last week. Erdogan, the only candidate, obtained 1362 votes – the vote of every participant at the conference.

A survey of public opinion taken in Turkey two months ago revealed Erdogan’s growing popularity and the majority of those who participated viewed him as “the most charismatic politician in the country.” Many confirmed that they would vote for the Justice and Development Party if a general election was held.

Source: The Palestinian Information Centre