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Investigated Egyptian judge: majority of Egyptian judges are against current authority

February 5, 2014 at 12:51 am


The coordinator of the Judges for the Sake of Egypt movement, Waleed Shorrabi said on Wednesday that more than 80 per cent of judges in Egypt are against the military action currently taking place in Egypt.

Speaking to Ahmed Mansour on Al-Jazeera TV, Shorrabi said, “Judges in Egypt have nothing to do with their own issues. It is the military council that runs them.”

He added, “Any judge that deals with issues to do with Coptic businessmen, who are known for their full support of the coup, is investigated such as Judge Ahmed Yahya, chief judge of the South Cairo Court.”

Shorrabi said that judges are assigned based on their close relations to the current authority. “Those who are very close to the authority are promoted further,” he said, “and the independent judges are assigned to minor courts far from Cairo, where major cases regarding public figures are taken.”

He went on to say that judges were keeping silent about the military measures because, “they fear being investigated, similar to what happened with me.”

During his speech, Shorrabi accused prominent judges Mahfouz Saber, head of the discipline council for judges, Mohamed Fahmi, Ahmed Idris and Mohamed Mahjoub of having links to the current regime. He said that facts about corruption issues had been covered up.

He also accused Mahjoub, who investigated removed President Mohamed Morsi over cooperation with Hamas, of failing during his studies.

Source: Al-Sharq