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Member of "Legitimacy Commission for Rights and Reform': Shafiq has implicated the army in the biggest scandal

February 5, 2014 at 10:37 am

Dr. Mohamed Hisham Raghib, a member of the “Legitimacy Commission for Rights and Reform’, has said that Ahmad Shafiq’s latest TV interview carries serious consequences for Egypt. According to Dr Raghib, in the interview Shafiq bragged about spying on members of the Muslim Brotherhood before the presidential elections, and admitted that he knew about their detailed movements up until the last minute when the election results were announced. Shafiq then bragged that Egyptian authorities also spied on President Mohammad Morsi while assumed his position as Egypt’s President.

According to Dr. Raghib, Shafiq’s confession about the authorities spying on political parties before the presidential election is an explicit recognition that the military council, which ruled Egypt at that time, was involved in this crime. The army even allowed Shafiq, a failed presidential candidate himself, to exploit the information. Dr. Raghib further explained: “Spying on the state’s president reveals the military charade which claimed to have supported the people’s choice on 30 June. The sovereign authorities have betrayed the people’s trust and worked unlawfully.’ He added that if the authorities fail to deny Shafiq’s allegations and do not demand to extradite him, this implies that everything Shafiq stated is true.

Dr. Raghib also said that, “the way Shafiq spoke establishes a culture of pride in breaching the law and [the ability] to declare such acts without any fear. Shafiq has done so either because the man is a fool or he supports the ruling regime, which does not care about the law and the people’s rights in a country without law.’

Dr. Raghib continued: “However, the question remains. Why has Shafiq not returned to Egypt until now, even though the Muslim Brotherhood leaders are in prisons while his loved ones are in power? Shafiq announced on the eve of 30 June that he would return to Egypt within hours’ and yet has remained in the UAE.