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Al Nahda warns rivals not to allow the derailment of the political process

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

In a statement issued on Monday the movement commented on calls to dissolve the Constituent Assembly (the parliament) and the government, and warned against a repeat of Egypt’s scenario in Tunisia:

“What every adventurer who incites rebellion against legitimacy, disregarding the will of the people, and pushing for the unknown and for ruin, should know is that Al Nahda, the supporters of legitimacy and all the free, have been patient for long while being abused and repeatedly targeted. They have made their case against their rivals and will not allow the collapse of the existing political route no matter what this costs them,” Al Nahda stated.

“The roadmap towards the end of the transitional phase is clear,” the statement added, noting that the only way to resolve the dispute is at the ballot box.

“Elections are coming up and the ballot box is between us…if you think about doing something we will not let you destroy the country and we will not give up what’s right no matter what the cost is.”

The Constituent Assembly is expected to finish drafting the constitution within weeks, and elections are being prepared for by an independent entity designated for the elections. The legislative and presidential election dates will be set. Political parties in Tunisia stated that there is an agreement that the elections will be held before the end of the year.

The Al Nahda movement rejected the criticisms directed against statements made by Sobhi Atiq, the head of its bloc in the Constituent Assembly, during a protest organized last Saturday in defense of the legitimacy of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi.

Atiq had stated that whoever tries to undermine the will of the people in Tunisia will be undermined, in reference to calls for rebellion against those in power.

Opposition parties, including the Popular Front and Call for Tunisia, criticised Atiq’s statements and called for bringing him to trial. But Al Nahda movement said in its statement on Monday that Atiq spoke using symbolic, metaphorical language about a possible response to any aggressive act against legitimacy.

The statement was reminiscent of previous ones made by opposition figures wherein they called for confronting Al Nahda by force, making direct calls for violence, unlike Atiq’s statements.