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Brotherhood lists six goals for protests

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

The information advisor of the Freedom and Justice Party has issued a list of six goals for the protests against this week’s military coup in Egypt. Writing on his Facebook page, Murad Ali addressed the protesters gathered in Raba Al-Adawiya Square and the streets around the Republican Palace, where it is believed that the president is being held.

The first goal, said Ali, is the reinstatement of the democratically-elected President Morsi working under the approved constitution and the law of the land. The second objective is the cancellation of all decisions related to the coup.

Recognition of the validity of the constitution, overturned by the military-backed regime, is next, and the fourth aim is the opening of national dialogue over any disputed articles in the document.

According to Ali, the fifth goal is to hold security and other officials accountable for the recent attacks on peaceful protesters. Dozens have been killed and wounded by the army and police. All television stations and newspapers should be reopened.

Finally, wrote Ali, arguably the most important of the protesters’ goals is the holding of parliamentary elections within two months.