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Statement by the Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy Alliance in response to Al-Sisi's Speech

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

Cairo, July 24, 2013) As the Egyptian people were waiting for the coup leaders to regret the crimes they committed against the nation and its people (confiscating popular will and shedding blood of Egyptians), we were stunned to see the coup commander demanding Egyptians to grant him a mandate for killing other Egyptians.


In this regard, the Alliance asserts the following:

1. We reject Al-Sisi’s speech and consider it an explicit call for civil war, and we hold him fully responsible for shedding the blood of Egyptians.

2. This speech is an incitement and clear evidence of the state of confusion and loss of mind experienced by the bloody Putschists. It resembles Bashar al-Assad’s speech that preceded his war against the Syrian people where he requested a similar mandate.

3. We reaffirm that our revolution is peaceful and will remain peaceful.

4. Al-Sisi’s words confirm what we said before: Al-Sisi is the mastermind of the coup. He is the one who rules, and he is the one who murders, and he is the one who waged this brutal war against his people.

5. We affirm that Al-Sisi’s warnings amount to a declaration of civil war under a fake popular cover. This will not terrorize the Egyptian people, and will only strengthen its resolve. The Egyptian people were not intimidated before by the massacres by the Republican Guards, Nahda, Giza, Ramsis, Roxi, Salah Salem, Suez, and all Egyptian governorates, in addition to the massacre against women in Mansoura.

6. The blood of martyrs will triumph over the bullets of treason.

7. The talk of “war on terrorism” points to the fact that the criminal bombings and violence against civilians and armed forces are attempts by the intelligence agencies to create a scene that will provide a cover and justification for flagrant violations, repression, and smearing against a peaceful revolt. The media have already started this campaign.

8. We call on Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayeb, Pope Tawadros II, political parties and movements and all elites to voice a clear stance against this ugly call for civil strife. We also call on them to avoid being used as a cover for killing Egyptian citizens.

9. We call on the international community, including the UN and rights groups, to announce a position against the coupists’ plans to shed blood of Egyptians with the purpose of setting the region ablaze. We also call on the international criminal court to prosecute Al-Sisi for committing crimes against humanity.

10. We urge Egyptians (civilians, police, and army) not to accept irresponsible calls for murdering fellow countrymen.

11. We reiterate our call for all Egyptians to rally against the coup in all squares and streets, particularly in the upcoming “Friday of bringing down the coup,” until the coup is reversed and until our freedom is regained.